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Downloads Page

General Instructions

1. Download the self-extracting instal file see below.
2. After completing the install the directory(folder) should contain the following 9 files:-
            ParLoc5.exe,      Parishes.dat,      County.txt,             Manual.htm,       UkLocs.dat,       UkCoast.dat,
            IrlLocs.dat,         IrlCoast.dat,       ExtraNotes.html
Note that as you use ParLoc other files will be created in this directory and using all the functions will require 12Mb of disk space.
3. Please take some time to study the Manual.
Warning - The Database included with this release contains all the corrections previously reported to me by users. Any other changes made by users will need to be re-entered. See the Manual.
Click here here to see a list of amendments / corrections to the database since the release shown below.

The Setup exe file shown below will install all the files shown above to C:\Parloc5. You can change this location if you wish but it will not work in C:\Program Files or Program Files(x86) All the files must be in the same directory.

Download ParLoc5.. Parloc51-17Setup.exe . For Windows only. Updated 2/4/2023

The DataBase

The database used by the above program is available as a CSV file for use in the Spreadsheet or Database program of your choice. After you have UnZipped the file be sure to read the files NonWinPC-ReadMe.txt and Manual.htm.

Download the Database as a CSV file...Non-WinPCfiles.zip updated 2/4/2023

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